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Where circus freaks fight demons in the streets.


Archer is your run of the mill street magician...except he's not. His carnival tricks hide a darker purpose, and the last thing in the world he wants to do is get involved when he meets the beautiful Hannah.

He may be a reluctant hero, but he is the one thing that stands between Hannah and the horde of demons that seem determined to claim her. It will take all he has to keep her safe as they try to outrun fate.

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Hannah moved to Seattle to get away from all the darkness in her life, but somehow it haunts her, filling her dreams with strange images that won't let her go. She paints to make sense of it all, but how you can you makes sense of shadows and this nameless fear.

When she meets the mysterious magician in the tophat she knows he holds the key. Can she convince him to help her before it's too late?

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Soul Ties

Bind them together

Everyone has warned him, but Archer refuses to believe this nonsense about soul ties. Nothing is tying him to Hannah... and he intends to leave her the first chance he gets.

But chance has a mind of its own.

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The Priory Academy

The world of Soul Ties comes alive in a whole new way in this exciting new series. This new series will follow a new character as she discovers her special abilities and enters a secret academy, The Priory of Passerelle. Set in the beautiful French countryside, this place is not what it seems, and soon she'll discover that there is much more to the Priory...and to herself...than she ever expected. 

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